Boreas composite off-road camper trailer leaves the wood in the forest

June 05, 2020
Boreas Campers has launched a base camping trailer for buyers who want tough, zero-wood construction without laying out $30 grand. The new metal-and-composite AT takes the same form as the fully equipped XT but lets buyers spec it out themselves.

China's amazing "horizontal skyscraper" opens to visitors

June 05, 2020
Construction work is still ongoing on China's massive Raffles City Chongqing project but its most notable feature, the "horizontal skyscraper," has now opened to visitors. The stunning skybridge boasts a park and a glass-bottomed observation point.

Northrop Grumman selected to design and build Gateway's habitat module

June 05, 2020
Northrop Grumman has been awarded a US$187 million contract to design the Habitation And Logistics Outpost (HALO) crew module for NASA's Gateway deep space outpost. The HALO will provide pressurized living quarters for visiting astronauts.

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